General Information

Penrith Youth Orchestra 2018

Build your ensemble skills in a supportive and exciting environment, led by tutors from Penrith Symphony Orchestra (PSO), Penrith Conservatorium of Music at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre (The Joan) and the world-renowned Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO).

Towards a Penrith Youth Orchestra

In 2015, an exciting new youth strings program, Penrith Strings, was launched in partnership between the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre (The Joan), Penrith Symphony Orchestra (PSO) and the Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO). In its first three years, the Penrith Strings program laid down firm foundations for the creation of a Penrith Youth Orchestra.

In 2018, wind, brass and percussion sections were added to join Penrith Strings, forming Penrith Youth Orchestra.

What does the program include?

Students participate in rehearsals and workshops each term, coached by expert musicians from the PSO and the ACO. The focus is on ensemble-playing and rehearsal skills, building towards joint performances in which the students play alongside professional musicians. Students also perform in public concerts with the PSO on occasion.

The program is designed to complement and extend students’ individual lessons and practice, whether they learn privately, at school or at Penrith Conservatorium of Music.

Who can join? When and how?

Penrith Youth Orchestra is an extension activity for secondary and advanced primary school students.

The program is open to students in all education systems, public and private. We encourage all applications, even if students are well above or slightly below the recommended minimum standard guidelines. Places are allocated according to performance standard and ensemble experience.

The recommended standards for this program are:

String players

VIOLIN 5th grade AMEB / Suzuki Book 4 (or equivalent) up to AMusA
VIOLA 3rd grade AMEB / Suzuki Book 2 (or equivalent) up to AMusA
CELLO 5th grade AMEB / Suzuki Book 4 (or equivalent) up to AMusA
DOUBLE BASS 3rd grade AMEB / Suzuki Book 2 (or equivalent) up to AMusA

Wind, brass & percussion players

ALL INSTRUMENTS AMEB grade 4 (or equivalent) up to AMusA