Penrith Strings 2017 Testimonials

The feedback from this program was overwhelmingly positive. The students were highly engaged and committed to the program, and felt they benefited from the program and from working closely with ACO musicians and PSO tutors.

PSO Tutors

“I was very pleased at the progress of the 2nds, and the incredible improvement in the group as a whole since we started last year. The students are being taught GOLD.”

– Margaret Bournes, PSO Tutor

The ACO have a wonderful ability to bring the music to life in a very short space of time. Also their complete joy and love for playing is infectious and makes us get our heads out of the bowing and key signatures!

– Trish McMeekin, PSO Tutor


“I feel like I am a part of the Penrith Strings Community as all the other players are really nice and very accepting to one another”.

– Zamanda Kwan, 15, Violin

“(The program is) amazing because they teach us techniques and inspire us to be the best we can be”.

– Program participant


“I have really valued the program as a wonderful opportunity to grow a strong music base in the Penrith region. It is wonderful to see that programs like this exist and can cater for students outside of the Sydney CBD. It is important for the region to continue to grow and develop the performing arts so that we can have quality ‘home grown’ performers.

Hannah has benefited from being in an orchestra and learning about different techniques and determining parts within the music. She has also developed socially as she has formed friendships with other students who have similar abilities and interests.

I found the event (Penrith Strings concert) to be excellent in quality and very encouraging to see how far the students had come. It is always a pleasure to listen to accomplished performers from the ACO”.

– Catherine Sutcliffe – Parent of Hannah Sutcliffe